Princess Serena
Addicted to my smell
Addicted to my smell

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Your job is to use your nose today. You have to smell! And believe me... It will smell delicious for you! Haha! I have been wearing my socks for you for days and you will inhale the scent of my jeans ass as well. Get ready for the smell, because such intense smells have never been under your slave's nose before. Let's begin! You have to smell everything I place in front of you. You start with my ass. Smell the scent and take it deep into you. You are already totally hooked on my smell, but this is only the beginning! Wait until you stick your nose deep into my awesome boots. The sweat scent will knock you down! Then the most extreme stench of all waits for you! The stench of my socks! Come on, START SMELLING NOW!