Princess Serena
Attachments for YOUR slave year
Attachments for YOUR slave year

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I'm going to make New Year resolutions for you now. You are my slave, my posession and my property! In the coming year you will resolve to be a good and obedient slave. For you are in bondage, worship me and love to be used as my plaything. Next year I will push you to your limits and make you more dependent upon me than you can possibly imagine. You will obey me unconditionally. Even when I give your the meanest instructions you will fulfill them enthisiastically! I expect nothing less. Are you feaful of what awaits you? I'm sure the thought makes you as horny as much as it makes you afraid. The uncertainty torments you yet intrigues you. I know your most secret dreams and desires and will exploit them for my pleasure. You will remain my slave forever. One thing you can bet is that this will be a hot and horny new year for you!
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