Princess Serena
Chastity - You're going through hell!
Chastity - You're going through hell!

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YOU, put on a chastity belt before you worship my awesome ass! You stick to this rule, because I make the rules here and YOU have to follow them. To torture your wicked loser cock gives me great joy every time. The way you torture yourself when I make you horny with my perfect ass and your loser cock is locked up, so pathetic... Haha! Yes, that's exactly how I want to see you and your little cock. YOU go through hell for me and enjoy it! My ass is the hottest that you have ever seen, but your chastity belt remains locked. My ass torments your ever horny cock and you are now going through hell. I now place my awesome ass right on your face and ride it. You are almost bursting with lust. Now imagine that I was riding your locked loser dick. This is hell!