Princess Serena
Disgusting foot slave torture
Disgusting foot slave torture

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You love surprises? Then I have something really disgusting for you! Look down to my feet. Do you see my sneakers? They look very clean, but look there! The soles are very dirty! They are dirtier than ever before and I want to see you lick and suck them clean with your tongue. Get to work and lick everything up! You have a lot to do, so start at the top and lick your way down. And because I wear these shoes often and they stink badly, you now get the honor to smell them from the inside out. The insoles are also totally filthy and stink horribly. Now put your nose into my shoes and breathe in deep then continue with my fragrant cheese socks. Keep sniffing! You must sniff at everything what I put in front of you...!