Princess Serena
Fast food with cheese aroma!
Fast food with cheese aroma!

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As if I will grant my slave his wish to eat fast food? I don't think so! I catch him trying to eat burger and chips and drink a Coke. Unbelievable! My slaves are forbidden from eating unhealthy food and he is no exception! I will now rid him of this disobedience. I take off my sweaty sneaker and grab his Coke. Now I put my cheesy sock into the drink, refining the taste with flavour enhancer number one - my cheesy foot flavour! The slave is completely disgusted already, but doesn't know what I have in store for him next. I pour a nice dash of cheesy Coke over his burger and fries, then put my foot on the burger to enhance the flavour with my cheesy feet. I squash it to mush and the chips don't escape either! The slave now has to eat everything. Come on, open your mouth, eat all the fast food porridge from my feet!