Princess Serena
Foot slave! I'll punish YOU!
Foot slave! I'll punish YOU!

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My gym shoes are dirty and it's your responsibility to clean them again - with your tongue obviously! Clean the tops first and then give the soles some extra attention! But you seem to be too stupid for that ... too stupid for everything! That deserves a punishment ... a stinky punishment straight from my shoes! Get a little closer with your nose and inhale the extreme sweaty stink! Just the right thing for your slave nose ... then you'll also get a sniff from my stinky socks - after a few days of wearing them. Don't stop sniffing! I'll also use my stinky feet to kick and slap your face. You deserve to be beaten up for such a lousy job! You can't do anything right - but at least I can have some fun punishing you. Wait a sec ... I'll take off my socks now ...