Princess Serena
I'll make YOU a will-less foot slave!
I'll make YOU a will-less foot slave!

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When I am done with you, you will not be the same person anymore! I will Serenafy YOU and educate you so that you no longer recognize yourself. I want a completely will-less foot slave who unquestioningly fulfills all my wishes, always well-behaved and obedient, at any time. Are you the right one for this? Then worship my feet and prove it to me! Lick and kiss them. How much do you value my divine feet? These are the hottest feet you know, because they are the feet of your princess. They want to be spoiled by YOU! So begin your task. I want YOU to prove to me that you are my personal foot slave. Open your mouth, because you will now receive the freshly exfoliated off my feet to eat. Mmmm delicious!