Princess Serena
I out YOU!
I out YOU!

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You trusted me and told me your most secret fantasies. You have undressed yourself for me and now I have something against you in my hand. How do you like the thought that I reveal all your secrets? Nothing remains secret anymore! I will make it public and tell everything about you. That will make you completely dissatisfied, won't it? I publicly pillory you and everyone will condemn you for your fantasies and your actions. You will then be the biggest scum for them! For all people who see that, all people you know very well! Exactly those who thought they would know you very well. You want to prevent that? ... Then show me how you want to do that! You are a loser and a useless person! Trust yourself and look at what I am giving away from you. YOU curse the day when you told me all about yourself! That' s a promise!