Princess Serena
I set your savings back to zero!
I set your savings back to zero!

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I am fucking awesome - and worth a lot! I'll take what is due to me anytime... and now I want your money, all those savings you have built up for so long time! You wanted to buy something special with it? Forget it because now it's MY money! You are my luxury piggy bank and now you will show how much you have saved for your Princess Serena. I want your entire fortune. Both your reserves for bad times and the money you were going to use for your vacation. I don't think you will be able to do that anymore, because I want everything from you. Open up your piggy bank and give me everything you have. When I'm done with you you'll be back to square one financially. After all, you are also a zero yourself at heart, so your account balance will finally match!
Tags: Findom, Brainfuck