Princess Serena
Kept chaste - your moaning is my motivation
Kept chaste - your moaning is my motivation

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You look closely at my sexy ass extensively and quickly realize how tough it is for you because YOU stayed chaste for me! Losers like YOU have to be chaste, so that the little dick feels no satisfaction, loocked away in its small prison... I know how hard it is for you to see my sexy ass with your locked cock. It's especially hard for you when I slowly move up and down in front of you. That fucks your head! You are so horny for my ass, but your little cock just can't get out. The **** shoots into your loser tail and does not know where to go! Haha! My awesome ass drives you into madness and I like that! Are you complaining?? I am not interested in your whining. YOU keep looking at my awesome ass and torture yourself! Do you think I will allow you to free your little cock? Your moaning is my motivation to keep going and you will now give me a big tribute for this terrific torment.