Princess Serena
Licking boots and feet clean
Licking boots and feet clean

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I wear these sexy boots at every opportunity. I love them because they are so hot! Tonight I want to wear them to a party but damn, they're so filthy. Too bad for the slave who has to lick them clean for me. With his tongue he flawlessly cleans every single millimeter of my boots. They will look like new when I wear them tonight. But my boots aren't the only task my slave has today. I want him to think of me for a long time, so I order him to take off my boots and press my stinking sock feet into his face. He has to inhale the stench - he won't be able to forget that so quickly, haha! I won't negelct his taste buds either. I make the slave remove my socks and order him to lick throughly lick clean my cheesy feet!