Princess Serena
Nasty overdose of my foot stink
Nasty overdose of my foot stink

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I know exactly what this little snoop's into. He loves my filthy, stinking socks and likes the sweaty foot seasoning of my nylon pantyhose! I will now give him the full blast and drive him out of this perverse preference. Because when I'm done with him, he'll never want to smell a stinking, sweaty foot again. Haha! I glue his mouth shut so that the full smell finds its way into his brain exclusively through his nose. Maybe it will click and he'll buckle at how disgusting it is. I put my stinky socks directly over his nose and press on it. At some point he has to breathe, but he has no choice but to inhale my disgusting sweaty scent. But now I'm getting really mean! I take off my pantyhose and fashion it into a breathing mask for his face. This intense, sweaty scent will last for his whole life. But I think with this overdose I maybe made him even more addicted to my smell than he was before. Now he is even more dependent on me! Haha... how sad...