Princess Serena
Once an addicted slave, always an addicted slave!
Once an addicted slave, always an addicted slave!

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No matter how hard you try, you cannot turn your gaze away from my ass! You can't get away from me because you're addicted to my perfect ass! You love my hot ass. And how do you find it in these hot nylon tights?! Damn hot, right?! It twists your mind and makes you even more addicted! You are my little addicted slave and you just can't get enough of my ass. I make you so addicted that you can't think clearly anymore! Come closer and look at it. It's no wonder that you have become addicted to this awesome ass... Admire it and adore it! The sight makes you so unbelievably horny! Prove to me that you are and always will be my addicted ass admirer. You can't get away from this addiction! I promise!