Princess Serena
Pay hush money!
Pay hush money!

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I'm the only one who understands you and your pathetic slave fantasies. Whenever I make you small and humiliate you, it excites you and your little dick. It drives you into ecstasy and I have you in the palm of my hand! You entrust me with your deepest, darkest secret secrets because, driven by your lechery, you have no other choice! You're an idiot if you think I won't use that for myself! What if all this came out? Who would understand you? No one! You would lose the respect of everyone you know and everything you've built. Nobody would want anything to do with you anymore. They'll avoid you and make excuses because NO one has the guts to tell you what they think of you. I'm telling you: YOU are worthless and so abysmally pathetic! Tthat's why you're going to pay me hush money or I'm going to bring down your beautiful facade!