Princess Serena
Roses - I am crushing your ridiculous gift!
Roses - I am crushing your ridiculous gift!

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What should I do with this weed?! You are crazy! To give me roses is shameful! You probably thought it was a good idea to buy me roses. Did you think that you could impress me with them? Hardly! For me only your money counts. I cannot buy anything with this undergrowth! I want to see you suffer, because I know exactly how important it was for you to buy me these roses. You will pay me a tribute for every rose so we both get something out of it. Then I drop each rose on the ground and step on it. I process the useless greenery into finely chopped salad! Do you hear how it cracks under my boots when I step very slowly on the rose head? That should be your head so that you won't think of such crazy shit in the future! I don't want any roses! I want your money! Your roses are worth nothing to me and therefore I brutally destroy them all under my boots.
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