Princess Serena
Slave food with a disgusting aftertaste
Slave food with a disgusting aftertaste

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I found my slave's sweets and will surprise him with them now. Because I am such a nice mistress, I reward him with them as they are his favourites. He is allowed to eat as much as he can. How appetizing will he find my very special serving method? Come here slave and see what delicious food I have for you! He eats his gums with great pleasure!But of course I only give him those with the spicy aftertaste of my cheesy nylon feet! Haha! I love to see how tormented he is by the sight of my stinking feet. I find it amusing how disgusted he is and how uncertainty about what I'm going to do with him tortures him. It's quite fair because now he gets to eat these gums out of my shoes exactly from the spot where the smell and taste of my feet is most intense! This experience will completely spoil his appetite, haha!