Princess Serena
Slave school - YOU want to be my exemplary pupil?!
Slave school - YOU want to be my exemplary pupil?!

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YOU want to call yourself my model student? Hardly! Because you are a loser! This ruler is the number one measuring instrument in my slave school. With it I can measure wonderfully tiny things and decide out who is a loser with a tiny dick and who is not. Show me your dick and I'll measure your loser size! The result is ridiculous! You are a big loser because you have a tiny cock, well, insofar one can call this embarrassment a cock at all. You have a little clit and nothing else. This description suits it much better. With it you will never be my schoolboy, but rather my schoolgirl! Your cock is so small that you will go through school as a girl. And what do I do with schoolgirls? Haha! I'll show you...!