Princess Serena
The ultimate humiliation!
The ultimate humiliation!

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Yeah, you read right! This clip costs you 99,99! This is pure rip-off which makes you indescribably horny. That you pay only to worship my perfect ass and to be humiliated by me in the meanest way. You worship me, lick my boots, blow my heels and sniff at my socks. Last but not least you will extensively worship my perfect ass! You will never forget this clip, because I am far from finished with you! YOU are a sexless, dickless, loser who deserves nothing more than my belittlement. I'll show you your destiny as I make you you suck my heels. You're a dirty little whore and I'm going to put you on the street corner so you can earn me even more money than you do now. These 99.99 clips are still a long way short for me! I WANT MORE! You will pay me everything I demand from you and deify my sexy ass. Take my stinky socks and inhale the stench of my sweat to soldify your worship me of me in your mind. Kiss my feet and look up to me, you Princess Serena! I am your Mistress and you will do everything I ask of you! Suck on my socks and give me all your money as you do it. You are my slave and you must do what I say. I will take everything you have and exploit you mercilessly. Then, just when you think I am done with you I sit my ass down right on your face. You can't get enough of the sight! But enough of that, you're here to lick my feet clean after all. get you tomgue out and get licking them! Every crumb, every speck of lint, lick it all up! I control YOU!!! For the privilege of licking my feet I take all the money from your pocket. You would have loved to pay me that money to worship my sexy ass, wouldn't you? You love it so much! Well, you better do everything I say. Only your money interests me and without it, you stand no chance. So be a good little hooker and pour all that hard-earned money over me. Me and my sexy ass are all that matter. But you love everything I do with you because you adore me. I teach you what you should be. Watch this clip and enjoy the extra-long humiliation!