Princess Serena
Trust is good... CONTROL is better!
Trust is good... CONTROL is better!

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You can say what you like, I don't believe a word you say anymore. You've been busted by the true size of your dick. Haha! Nobody would believed that was the size anyway. That was just wishful thinking on your part. You really thought that you wouldn't be caught!? No chance! With me, everything comes out into the light. You can't even hide your real income from me anymore! You say you don't have much, but that's a lie, just like your desired dick length! I want to see proof! How else can I know that you're not lying to me again? As if you don't earn enough to grant my wishes. That's ridiculous! Now you show me your recent paychecks and I will judge how poor you really are. Or rather, how poor you'll be when I'm done with you.
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