Princess Serena
Warning! This happens to stingy slaves!
Warning! This happens to stingy slaves!

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Attention! This clip is a warning to everyone who is as stingy as this loser here! This cheapskate pays the price now and has to undergo a many-sided and extreme punishment. I make him sniff my socks, which smell as extreme as they've ever done before. They stink so extremely that even this cheese foot addict has to fight his choking. I know for a fact that he secretly hopes that this is the complete punishment for him. But this is just the beginning of the punishment he has to endure. When I'm finished with him, he won't know which way is up because of disgust and pain! Watch what happens to a stingy slave belonging to Princess Serena! You shouldn't miss this! This humiliating clip is not only the longest clip, but also a premiere, because it is a mean slave and POV clip in one! Prove that YOU are a better slave than this idiot and start buy this clip!