Princess Serena
YOU are the showpiece loser!
YOU are the showpiece loser!

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For me you are the scum of the earth. A nobody. You hide behind your money. You only enjoy a high reputation because everyone loves you for your money. Think that gives you power? Not with me! You really think your money makes you more interesting and attractive to me? Haha! That may work with others but with me you are wrong! I have my own mind and see you only as my little money pig. But YOU, the person behind the money, are not even worth the last piece of dirt for me. I'm not interested in your status. I just take you out and drop you. YOU are only a tool for my purpose. A worthless loser behind his monied facade. Oh, why so surprised? Nobody dares to tell you that directly in your loser face. They talk behind your back about how shit you are and then smile to your face. That sounds like your life. But now come very close to me! I will give you the truth right in your stupid face: YOU are the showpiece of failure! A loser! Look at yourself! Ridiculous!!!